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Friday 29th - 10am

"Mildura Country Music Festival - Mildura City Showcase", Host Sharon Benjamin.  Showcase of many country music artists, please check Mildura Country Music Festival's official website for full listing.  Taylor will be on stage at 12.40pm  Mildura Country Music Festival Website


Mildura, VIC
Friday 29th - 4pm

'Mildura Country Music Festival - Girls Night Out' Coomealla Club.  Host Sharon Heaslip.  Guest include Taylor Pfeiffer, Gina Timms,  Aly Cook, Marie Hodson and more.  Please check website for full listing.  Band - Cahoots

Mildura, VIC
Saturday 30th - 12pm

'Mildura Country Music Festival', Gol Gol Hotel.  Host Dave Prior and features Taylor Pfeiffer, Graeme Hugo, Laurie Muggleton and Dave Prior.  Come along and enjoy some acoustic tunes.  Show 12 - 2pm 

Mildura, VIC 


Saturday 30th - 8pm 'Mildura Country Music Festival - Pizza Cafe Parklet Party'.  Host Aleyce Simmonds.  Guest include Aleyce Simmonds, Taylor Pfeiffer, Jess Holland, Gina Timms, Dave Prior, Sharon Heaslip, JR Williams.  Band - Aleyce Simmonds Band Mildura, VIC
OCTOBER 'Mildura Country Music Festival' - Daily Shows during the Festival until Sunday 8th October.  For more details on Taylor's shows, please view the Festival Program



Friday 13th October
Low res TAKE HER Promo  
Friday 20th and Saturday 21st 2017 Poster Final Kempsey, NSW



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